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Originally from Mobile, Alabama, I moved to Montgomery, Alabama in 1997 to pursue my Education and have resided here since. I was born into the World of Design. Interior Decorating was not my first career choice. I began my career as a teacher. I became interested in Interior decorating when I purchased my dream home. I would spend all my spare time watching HGTV, reading design magazines, visiting showrooms and decorating my friends and families’ homes, etc. I would even use my eye for design when decorating my classroom. Decorating my home, my friends and families’ homes, and my classroom wasn’t enough. I wanted to take my design to the next level and share my passionate for design with others. Therefore, I enrolled in QC Design School where I received my Professional Certification in Home Staging and Interior Design in May of 2020. I then went on to start my business as Interior Decorating Queen. I began building my business, brand as well as portfolio by taking on family, friends, and neighbors as clients. My passion for interior design is reflected in the beautiful designs that I have created.

About Interior Decorating Queen

Interior Decorating Queen is a full-service decorating company established in 2020. We offer services to commercial and residential clients in Montgomery and surrounding areas. Our services are affordable and tailor made to fit each client’s budget, design style as well as lifestyle. We specialize in all design styles. We offer various packages at affordable prices. We pride ourselves with establishing effective relationships and a high standard of professionalism for all of our clients and projects.



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